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Arca International Bilingual School forms generations of leaders from a Biblical worldview that can impact their world with faith in God, Christian principles, values and academic preparation, in a bilingual mode from preschool to high school from a Christian perspective and international curriculum.

Our students make a difference developing Christian character based on righteousness, love, honesty contributing in this manner towards change in our society. 


By 2016 ARCA INTERNATIONAL BILINGUAL SCHOOL will be a solid Christian school promoting generations of young leaders that impact their world with their wisdom, service and talent who influence others to follow Christ.  It will be innovative with bilingual technology, discovering and developing exceptional talents in each student, supporting the educational program with the best possible resources for all academic areas, the development of abilities, new technologies, with outstanding human and administrativecapacity, and financial stability in order to place the organization with superior quality standards of education, with the whole person in mind.

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Este es uno de los mejores colegios de Bogotá, recomendado por el Directorio de Colegios y Jardines

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